• 12 noviembre 2008

Luke Wood se retira

Luke Wood se retira

Luke Wood se retira 150 201 xisco

El australia no Luke Wodd, IFBB PRO, ha decidido colgar el bañador de competición.

Su palmarés pro:
Grand Prix Australia – IFBB, 10th

Grand Prix Australia – IFBB, 7th

Grand Prix Australia – IFBB, 6th

Grand Prix Australia – IFBB, 11th

Charlotte Pro Champions hips – IFBB, Did not place
Europa Supershow – IFBB, 15th
New York Pro Champions hips – IFBB, 7th
Olympia Wildcard Showdown – IFBB, 7th

Atlantic City Pro – IFBB, 11th
New York Pro Champions hips – IFBB, 13th

Arnold Classic – IFBB, 16th
Grand Prix Australia – IFBB, 9th
Ironman Pro Invitatio nal – IFBB, Did not place

Atlantic City Pro – IFBB, Did not place

Y su comunicad o

«Hi guys. I type this with alot of emotion so i will do my best to make it understan dable.
Ive decided for now to hang up my posing trunks. Ive been competing for 15 years straight, done every show here and excpet the Mr Oylmpia, done everty show over in the US. Im very proud and beyond happy with what ive achieved and i feel i have taken my body to its potential limit for now.

So yesterday i deicided this what is best for me!

Im a little hangover from last nite, as treated myself to a few drinks!

Im not say never ever will i compete, but i just need time out now. Maybe i will be back??? NEVER SAY NEVER.

The travellin g, the training, the diet, yes the peformanc e enhencers and most of the cost of this sport has taken it toll on me!

I feel worn out and basically the fire is just not there. I have lost the passion for competing and training at such an insane intestiny which im know for for so many years.
I love bodybuild ing! Its in my blood and runs through my viens! So when you feel you are not inlove with something that you were always inlove with than its time to let it go before you start hating it! Than there will always be a chance that the love with fire up again!

Im setting up my PT business and i really want to focus on Luke Wood the product now rather than Luke Wood the bodybuild er. I feel my name is name reconised not only on Australia but in most countries in the world when it comes to bodybuild ing and it think now at 32 its time to set up my future financail ly and cash in some of knowledge and experienc e.

I also plan on writing my own biography . Not sure when that will start but it will a no holds barred, not edited look into my life on stage, off stage, the travellin g, the stress, the pain, the hi’s, the low’s and the everythin g inbetween!

THANKYOU!! Your every going support has been just awsome! you guys are the best!

To Tony Doherty, Paul and Carol Graham, Graig Lucas, Tanman and all the Ifbb officials, thankyou so much for giving me this life, my pro card, allowing be to turn professio nal and compete with the very elite of elite!

I will expand all my thankyous to the above in my book!

Ive had the awsome honour to work with some of Australia’s best and elite champions! Thankyou and i will continue my contest prep help with anyone who wants me to help!

I will never leave the industry! Its my life!

Working with my dear friend Milos Sarcev has been just the most amazing experienc e! I learnt so much about the sport but also alot about me!

Too all my fans! I love you guys! There is never a day when i get a text, an email or a pm from someone who looks up to me and admires me! Its so humbling and at time embarassi ng as i just see myself as that little kid in the gym all those years ago and i still have to pitch myself when someone wants my autograph!! «Who me??? Why me» LOL!! it awsome!

Ive been so fortunate to have travelled the world because of bodybuild ing. Ive guest posed all around Australia, Japan, The pacific Islands, USA and the Carribean . Its just some amazing when a promoter ask to be a special guest!
Thankyou to you all!

To all my sponsors! Thankyou! Its been great to work with you!

I hope anyone who brought ticket to watch me compete, a photo, a t’shirt and just some of my time walked away feeling better than they did before they saw me. I always gave it my 110% effort!

I never considere d myself a great bodybuild er but a good bodybuild er who always gave his all and tired his hardest to get off his ass and have a go with the best in the world!

I also made sure no matter who it was i gave them the time of day and was never too good for anyone! i was taught at young age to always be humble!

I will still be avaliable to do seminars and guest appearanc es.

Lastly to my parents and family! f**k this is hard now! Thankyou all. I love you all more than life! the support and the sh*t you guys have put up with is amazing and i just love you all so much more for allowing me and supportin g me to chase my dream!
You guys are my rock!

My Mum! You are larger than life! Never missed a show are guest pose and shed alot of tears seeing you boy up there on stage!

Mum you are the backbone of all i do! I love you!

Thankyou everyone!

Its been one hell of a ride!»


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